One More Tour Around The Garden

Every time I  go out do some gardening I find it more of a challenge to perform this task &  the older I get the harder it become To me  it more like puttering than work. A thought cross mind that this could be the last time toiling in the garden & why  shouldn’t I relish the moment instead of grumbling for example, moving one plants  from one location to other, cultivating the soil, analyzing were plants thrive the most for example sun to shade, full shade, or lot of sun. I really do not like garden in fact I hate gardening however the benefit out  weigh the dislike. Perhaps it the beauty that its portray to your neighbour & the compliments from them as well & chatting with them. Within my family there’re variety reasons for doing the gardening e.g. like a couple of my brothers like to garden as escape from the daily pressure. While another brother gardening look it came out of military neat & prim. While another does few gardens for his clients. A sister of mine has a memorial garden in memory of the past love one. Whatever the reason are gardening is in our blood & all my sibling have a garden. God has bless me with a young couple who live upstair who want to plant a vegetable garden in the backyard, mow the lawn, weed the patio along with sweeping the patio. So every times I do some gardening I remind my to savour the moment for  this could be last time.

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