Power Of Prayer

 Power Of Prayer

While working for my brother Peter in plant business every several years I would go to Ottawa, Montreal, & New England to visited my brothers & sisters & the sites, as my brother calls it world tour 2000 whatever. However as the years process on it became harder to do. Between working full time & volunteering ten to fifteen hours a week in ministry it became more challenge each year. So cutting back my hours both in ministry & traveling was necessary evil & other factor was I had more responsibilities from my brother Peter as well. I am not sure what year it was but I planned semi world tour. My mother was part of the tour. The plan was mother would take the train to Montreal for a week & spend some time with my brother Stuart & his wife Susan. Than I would drive down with the empo actuality it was called a Tempo the T was missing & spend a few days my them. Than mother & I would proceed to Ashley Mass to visited my sister Marcia & brother in law Roger for a week. Prior the holiday I developed a cold & I was exhausted between working for my brother & volunteer work on the prayer line at Crossroad. I need some time away from Crossroad to recharged my batteries . The plan was to take two month off for some rest & read several book. I booked an appointment with the doctor as precautionary measure so he can examined my chest & lungs. After examination he ensure me everything was ok. Time to executed the plan along little rr ( rest & relaxation) . Spend some time with my brother & sister in law & proceed on to Ashley Mass with my mother & I. To me Fall is best time of year traveling through Vermont & the New England States is my favorite part of the journey . Watching the trees changed color before eyes variousness of coloration on the tree, the mountain in distant with splendor view , a panorama sight of pastoral land of to side with cows grazing in the fields. A sure way relaxing your soul & your weary body. God handy work on display for all to enjoy. We stopped off at MacDonald for bite eat approximately 120 miles from Ashley & proceed on & arrived at my sister however, mother left her purse at MacDonald. We called MacDonald sure enough her purse was there.The next day I went & pick it up. While driving back I felt the cold coming back again went to bed that night & slept for over twenty fours. A beginning of disaster horizon & also felt more of God‘s present during that time span.

When I woke up I felt weaker than a kitten & only able walk a short distant, constantly short of breathe & endlessly coughing a sign cold was within my chest. Since I brought some congestive cough medicine along on trip to bring up the congestion however, it only work temporary. When I retire for the night I was able not to sleep because of continuous coughing bring up reddish brown saliva & unable to breathe constantly not able breathe . I needed to see doctor. Without getting unto details let just say there were some concerns & unpleasantly exchange in that time frame & leave at that. For whatever reason my sister & mother felt I did not need the medical attention even thou medical evident indicated another thing. When caring for mother later on she was not a back fan of hospital nor doctor even if she was gravely ill. Throughout the week the cough sleepiness got worst I started having horrible nightmare especially during the night & apprehension set in. Something about the darkness where a shadowy figure called the devil ready & more willing to pounce and afflicted as much harm on you when you’re extremely feeble. Thank God there someone name Jesus who protected his saints when they call upon His name over and over again. He comfort and protect us when we’re at lowest point. I felt His presence. Despite all this I was one scared dud. It remind both Apostle John the & Daniel who had these frighten revelation of future they were able to recall them & it terrified them. The source of comfort either came from God or angels The vision I had I do not remember them nonetheless I could not bear them any more perhaps lack of faith & I began to cry in front of my sister she saw that really was sick it was decide that I should see a doctor or walk in clinic. Since there was clinic several miles away Mother drove to the clinic. X-rays were taken it was revealed that I had pneumonia in the right lung. The doctor told me to go straight home & see a doctor or emergency & he give me shot of antibiotic along with six antibiotic pills. Since it was late in the afternoon we plan to leave the next day. The doctor was willing give me extra shot the next morning. While it was no joke at least we knew what we’re up against & mother was more willing drive me home. Nevertheless there was some concerns about my state mind & mother driving me home however because my state I misunderstood what they were saying when you’re delirious you begin take on responsibilities even thou your not thinking irrational . The medicating was working & Infection was leaving my body & I finality fell a sleep even thou I had these weird thought going through my head . When I woke up I thought was in hell and I wanted to escape. When I heard mother voice in the background , I fought like hell to escape. In the distant I heard my mother voice, stating these words Richard !!! Call Rick, Peter & Crossroads & pray!! For Paul !!!, in an instant that gruesome scene vanish before my eyes and I went back to sleep and slept like bear. I was not able sleep for three days.

As sick as I was I felt a peace as mother did I received another shot of antibiotic & we started homeward bound. I can’t explain it I felt relax as through I was not sick felt confidently that we would arrive home safely. We listen to John MacAuthor Fulfill Family record back in 1969 a husband role to his wife & children, a wife role to her husband & children & children role to their parents. We stopped at motel for night I booked two separated for nights so the both us were able to sleep mother like true Friesian felt should’ve booked for one room . So took the antibiotic The illness was still very real, for example; I would put the key card into slot but I could not figure out how to push the handle down on the door. So every time left the room I would asked the motel staff to unlock the door. I also began cough up saliva even thou it was not reddish brown anymore & I was sweating like pig nonetheless I felt peace within me The next day I took another pill. We the left motel around 1000 am began our finial trek back to Hamilton. While driving home I felt cold & bought a tourist wool sweater to keep warm. We arrived home around 600pm & settled in. Within the hour I asked mother take me to hospital where I stayed for three days where my temperature was 104 dangerously high. When I left the hospital they wrote out prescription. In which I took antibiotic twice a day for ten days, order x-ray after medication was taken & make appointment with family doctor . Saw the doctor. About apparent miscue he still a good doctor & it no more his fault than mine. The are many mystery within body & after all doctor are not gods but human being. I return to work in three weeks later & thank the staff Crossroad & send them a card with this verse within Roman 8; 26 God heard many prayer warrior throughout that time frame especially my mother prayers.

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