The Power of Forgiveness: The Story Karla Faye Tucker

Karla Faye Tucker   On June 13th, 1983 than 25 Kala Faye Tucker while high on drugs and booze brutality murder two people with a pix axe and got great sexual pleasure in carrying this cruel act out. Was tried and convicted of first degree murder on December 18 1984 she was sentence to be executed by legal injection. While in prison she became a follow of Christ  and was tender, sympathetic, fervently want to the serve the Lord Jesus Christ with all her heart and had an impact prison life and established a ministry within the prison walls, and a man name Ron Calson. This is their story in which Ron forgave Karla for killing her sister and a friendship was formed, and he was advocate against the death penalty.

A man Ron Carlson who was the sister of Debbie Thorton who was murdered by Kala Faye Tucker. Accordingly, to Ron she was in the wrong place at wrong the time.  Ron’s mother died when he was very young and her sister brought her up and they were very close. He was advocate of the death penalty because what Karla done and became heavily involved into drugs and booze as means to escape torment of his sister death.

A year after his sister died his real father was brutality murdered by homosexual prostituted. Before he was murder Ron’s father had sever health problems such as, drinking, smoking, water in the lungs and weight over four hundred pounds. The  medical profession give up on him and predicted he would be dead in two years. A Christian Chiropractor took him under his wing and he follow his advise and started to lost weight and was on the road recovery healthy wise. The chiropractor doctor gave him a  bible, in hope that he would become Christian and read the bible and put Ron’s father name on it. Ron’s father bought a large piece of property. A haven  for trouble kids and one of these kids him murder.

While Ron was buying drugs from a drug dealer he  gave him his  father bible and Ron saw his father name on it. Ron began the read the bible while high on weed and came to the part of Jesus death on the cross and he  said  “ My  God they kill God as well ” and close the bible. Than he pray the sinner pray. While he didn’t fully understand the gospel, however, he want change his life and felt l he was forgiven and forsake the drugs the life.  However the bitterness of her sister and father still linger on and he was still very angry about this. God instructed Ron to forgive Kala and he felt  that this was impossible to do. God said it only though Him Ron able to do this.

One day Karla arrived in Ron home town and he plan to visit Karla not knowing what to say, however family and friends advised Ron to give Kala piece of his mind, when she visited her, nevertheless, God had another plan for him. Ron followed God advised instead the family and friends.

When they first met and he induce himself Debbie Thorton brother and Karla recognize her name, nevertheless she was surprise what came out of his mouth as quoted by “ whatever comes out of this conversion  I want you know I’ll not hold against this against you,” and forgive her, and all the bitterness and hatred  was lifted from him and he was set free. They became fast friends and he would he come to visited her every two weeks and they study the bible together.  He change his mind about the death penalty and became a strong advocate against  it and fought to rescind the death sentence on  her behalf and he believe she would play vital role in society and in prison life. Ron received phone family from member that her sister would be rolling in her grave and encourage him to disassociate himself from Kala. Naturally he refused because understood first time what true forgiveness felt like and truly understood that  all our sins  was nailed to the cross when confess and committed his life to Jesus as Lord, and needed God’s assistance in this area.

On 2 February 1998 Kala Faye Tucker was executed authorities took Tucker from the unit in Gatesville and flew her on a TDCJ aircraft, transporting her to the Huntsville Unit in Huntsville.

She selected five people to watch her die, including Thornton’s husband Richard and his two stepchildren, who supported the death penalty, and Thornton’s brother Ronald Carlson, who opposed the execution and had been converted by her faith after visiting Tucker on death row.[Her last words were: Yes sir, I would like to say to all of you  the Thornton family and Jerry Dean’s family — that I am so sorry. I hope God will give you peace with this.(She looked at her husband) Baby, I love you.(She looked at Ronald Carlson) Ron, give Peggy a hug for me. (She looked at all present weeping and smiling) Everybody has been so good to me. I love all of you very much. I am going to be face to face with Jesus  now. Warden Baggett, thank all of you so much. You have been so good to me. I love all of you very much. I will see you all when you get there. I will wait for you.’

She was executed by legal injection the next day. As the lethal chemicals were being administered she was praising Jesus Christ. Eight minutes after receiving injection, she was pronounced dead at 6:45pm. She was the first woman executed in the State of Texas in 135 years. She is buried at Forest Park Lawndale Cemetery in Houston.

There were two rooms where you could watch the execution. One was the victim  room and the other was a friends room Ron Carson choose to be Kala friend instead of the victim.

I believe there’s fine line between forgiveness and justice. The government is duty bound to enforce the law and punish those who violate the law. The law breaker must be punish prescribe  by the law.  Those who confess their sins and  the law they violate will be forgiven and their sins will be remember no more in heaven. 1 John 1; 9 and Hebrew 12; 8

My thoughts

When some hurts you is okey to acknowledge this hurts and its sucks.
All sins are forgivable
When we confess our sins and hurts to Jesus He toke them these hurts and sins and we inherit His righteousness.
There’s consequence to sinful behavior and we need to accept punishment by the law and the church when they administer them to us do your best forsake your sinful behavior.
Nevertheless all sins are forgiving by Jesus if confess them to Him.
Seek forgiveness when you hurt someone.
Forgive those who hurt you as Christ you when you hurt Him.
Forgive yourself since Christ forgave you.
Put it behind move on.
If past sins and hurts are repeated only deal the present sins and hurts.
God takes these hurts and sins and often a ministry is established which often bring comfort to those hurt by others.
Give it time for healing take to place for time is great healer.

Things Christians shouldn’t do

While the hurts and sins still linger in our minds we not bring forgiven sins and hurts up again.
Your not to bring sins and hurt, if it was dealt privately publicly.
If two or three witness if needed any said is kept behind close doors not to be display publicly arena.


Video  Power of forgiveness.
Wikipedia Encyclopedi

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