My Dad

Several weeks ago someone asked me about my dad, since he knew so much about our mother. Because of my brother Peter and myself would often talk about her instead about him. He was a hard-worker who provided food and a roof over our head. He cherished and loved my mother and his children. Even thou he was misunderstood by his children especially by me. It took a while for me to forgive him although I understood that Jesus forgave me for everything. Over period of time I forgave him, however since we hardly ever spoke. I never sought his forgiveness for the wrong I did to him. This still haunts me to this day you although Jesus forgave me, and I learn to forgave myself. Since he died in 1984 and you cannot undo this its like putting a broken egg back together. The greatest lesson I learn is to forgive yourself and when you offend someone seek their forgiveness promptly and move on. In front of my desk is two pictures of my dad in memory of him. Prior, to a his death he accepted Jesus into his life and now dwell in heaven and I will see him one day. For me to include my heavenly father I needed to forgive my father and embrace him as my father; Ben Paisley penned these words; on page 149 ,-150 brought back flood of memories “ The only way to overcome the wounds and failures from your natural father is to face him directly, embraced him completely forgive your natural fathers for their failures, now in Christ you can bring honor to  them and your lineage and restore your place in the own family. This is receiving your natural father. It’s not agreeing with him in everything, or approving of him in every way . It is staying, I receive you as my father. I forgive you your failures and honor your gracious towards me. I thank you for the gift of life in this world, and for the good grace that you passed on to me.  Whether on purpose or an accident it no matter. Whether you failed or succeeded in your plans I am still your son”

Spiritual Fathers
Throughout my life I had several spiritual fathers that meant a lot to me,  Uncle Clarence, Uncle Jack, Vic George, Frit Wilton, David Grey, Don Logan Al Marshal, Derek Wilson and Bill Paterson. Ben Pasley stated these words on pg. 152′” Many of your spiritual fathers have come and gone and you never noticed or took time or took time to say thanks. These men spoke words of life into you, put a hand on your shoulder and said you could do it, it reminds you of your favorite in the eyes of God. It might have been on staff or a fellowship, they might have been a Bible study leader, a camp counselor, a friend at work, or even your natural dad. At moments in times, different people can offer the grace of fathering love for you and really be a spiritual father. Sometimes this is a seasonal.” These men were true biblical elders, although some of these men did not hold elders office. They would come alongside you and encourage you and give perils of wisdom when you need it, and often they’re modest in their role as spiritual fathers. In times of crisis these men, would guide the church and you through times of trouble waters. The words they often spoke were but a few words; however, they would affect your spiritual walk. When they spoke in public you listen they shape your philosophical concepts.  Ben Paisley is absolutely right we should stop for a moment and examine the role of our spiritual fathers and watch and learn how they shape young man’s life as scriptures states. 1 Peter 5; 2 , or 1 Peter 5; 5- 6, Ben Pasley Further quotes, ” some of you can recognize eyes as someone who has watched over you with a caring, parental loan for quite a long time. You can see the sign of his fathering love for one of long time. It is time to celebrate his role in your life and thank God for his placement in your journey, Father, I thank you for the spiritual father in my life. I recognize all the seeds of the kingdom he has planted in my life. I commit this day forward to honor him more with my words, my money, and my life as an expression of gratitude. I’m committed to letting them   know how I really feel about him.”  Every young man should have a role model that they should look up to or model. Often, when I speak with these men they had role models that they looked up to. Over time these, young men will be spiritual fathers to other young men.

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