Power Of Prayer Part Three

Power Of Prayer & Forgiveness

For starter, I’ll not use any name, because this issue was dealt privately. &. The party forgave each other. Names like elderly, caregiver, family member, individual, party, or person will replace.

This event actuality did occur & being told by the give carer eyes only. What really great about this tale that handle biblical that its related both to the good & evil that exist between men & women. The only deal with evil is through forgiving each other, and only God able to accomplished it. When true forgiven is applied you’re able to move forward by God’s grace. Nonetheless, this story should be told for our benefit others. Maybe this account will comfort others though their struggles.
Because of elderly illness, they were not always in their right frame of mind plus they had strong will. The party had Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or commonly knew Emphysema usually cause by second smoke. Since your heart needs oxygen to produce blood so it can flow throughout the body parts to keep your body & mind healthy, because of lack oxygen it effect their memory.
While their was talk about the individual being put into a senior home. The party was not advocate these homes many members family felt the same way. They believe in honor elderly their wishes. They appointed a care giver & they were more willing to do it. Over period of time the responsibilities became over whelming for them. So they hired a housekeeping that love working with the elderly there was instant connection. The individual needed assistant taking a shower & personal care work was assign to aid the elderly.
However, over time it was decided the caregiver needed still more time off. One the family member disclosed this to the elderly & they misunderstood them & thought they were going to send them into elderly home & accused the individual of trying to send them into an aged home.
The elderly related this to the caregiver. The person email the family member. There was no merit to the story. You see the family member set up elderly will, power of attorney & someone co sign for the elderly home so the government wouldn’t tax the estate.
This family sent another an email to the caregiver wondering what they did wrong. Another family member place had the elderly stay at their place once a week. This elderly person love children, especially their children & grandchildren. Back to my point. So the caregiver told the individual there is no truth.
However, they insisted on the individual try re-sure this person. Without warning the elderly told the caregiver to get out house & do not come back the voice had iciness in it. It felt a dull knife went into this person heart & it was very painful. During that time frame, several family members felt the same agony.

Than it dawn on the other person that some else voice not their voice so prayer was needed. There’s a dark force that we know very little about, yet, the demons are real & they do not have any respect for any individual & will attack them at their weakest moment.
While the caregiver or the elderly person was not a big fan of looking for the devil under every rock or the demons of whatever. However, there are angels of darkness all around us & they’re exceedingly tactful & very subtle in the way operated. Their job is to afflict as much harm on the person in short time. There’s something about Godly people who love the Lord Jesus that these evil spirits take a great delight in attacking them.
Back to story. Both the elderly & caregiver pray. The elderly prayed first this individual was still accusing their children of wanting them to elderly home. In any event, there was discussion about this matter, nonetheless out of ear shot of them. How the elderly prayed was for the lost souls, the local church, the sick & their children. The caregiver interrupted this person & did which you call a Pentecostal style of prayer such as claiming the blood of Jesus or this person is child of God.
There something about Jesus dying on the cross & shedding His blood where the dark forces flees when they hear the gospel being preach. The caregiver was not big fan of casting out demons nor was it their gifts but they felt prayer was needed at this time.
Maybe the scripture is true we don’t wrestle flesh & blood “For our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities, with the powers, with the world rulers of this present darkness, with the evil spirits in the heavens.“ Ephesians 6;12 .
Over & over again the caregiver uttered these words a child of God & Jesus love them & died for them. This went on for forty-five minutes. After the prayer the care giver was exhausted & it was time to the take the elderly to other family member they resisted, yet this person managed to get the elderly to the other family member.
After the care giver did some digging apparently this ordeal going on the other family member for some time. Knowing the elderly normal state they would want this issue to be resolved. Patching up was the model for the elderly, the family & the caregiver.
Because of this, anguish of the ordeal & the deep wounds the caregiver felt. They needed to talk to someone. They needed a sympathy ear or words of encouragement. They called several family members. One the family told him not to bring this up to the elderly, because of the state of the person mind & reminded him of grace or another example the elderly put up with the caregiver crap throughout their youth such recommend soothe a trouble soul in times of trouble water. The caregiver felt it was honor & privileges perform these duties.
Several days later the care giver received a call from a family member all is forgiven &dealt with. While they did not reveal the contain of the conversation, nonetheless, this is music to the caregiver ears all is forgiven & no longer remember in heaven.
Maybe the council Jesus gave to his disciples. Only prayer is needed to remove these demons; ‘This kind can come forth with nothing except with prayer and fasting.’Mark 9; 29. Put on the armor of God, that you may be able to resist on the evil day and, having done everything, to hold your ground. Ephesians 6 ; 13.

Chuck Swindoll uttered theses words, the hardships, and trials you endured were designed and for your benefit not for Frank.

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