Simply Following Jesus

Follow Me And Will Make Fisher Of Men

John 21;22 Jesus said to him, “What if I want him to remain until I come? † What concern is it of yours? You follow me.” NASB
Believer Commentary penned these words, “The Lord’s answer was that Peter should not be concerned about John’s latter days. Even if he were to survive until the Second Coming of Christ, this should not make any difference to Peter.”

Matthew Henry wrote, “Many failures in Christian service arise from disciples’ being more occupied with one another than with the Lord Himself.” The best men find it hard to attend upon the Lord without distraction, hard to keep their minds so closely fixed as they should be in following Christ: and a needless and unseasonable regard to our brethren often diverts us from communion with God.”

Matthew Henry stated, “ The enquiry Peter made concerning him : “Lord, and what shall this man do? Thou hast told me my work-to feed the sheep; and my lot-to be carried whither I would not.” He seems more concerned for another than for himself.

Further more he wrote,” So apt are we to be busy in other men’s matters, but negligent in the concerns of our own souls-quick-sighted abroad, but dim-sighted at home-judging others, and prognosticating what they will do, when we have enough to do to prove our own work, and understand our own way. He seems more concerned about events than about duty.”

KJV Commentary penned these words, “Peter should not be concerned about John, but about the job which he must do.”

Prior the rebuke Jesus commanded Peter to his feed lambs, tend his sheep, and feed my sheep the responsibilities were huge undertaking to be concern his follow disciple. Too often we tend to focus on worldly concerns or other people concerns instead focusing on our Godly gifts; for example, the Apostle Paul called to Apostle and preached the gospel instead baptizing people he give the others tasks, further he wrote, “I planted, Apollos watered, but God was causing the growth.”
In Acts 6 The apostles delegate seven deacons so focus on the word of God, “It is not desirable for us to neglect the word of God in order to serve tables.” There’s aesop tale about a greedy dog that was carrying a stolen bone, or a piece of meat or cheese, looks down as it is crossing a stream and sees its own reflection in the water. Taking it for another dog carrying something better, it opens its mouth to bark at the “other” and in doing so drops what it was carrying.”
The tale seems to indicate that if take on too responsibilities the work that we trying to accomplished will suffer greatly and will not be done effectively.
The church I attend the Senior Pastor has delegated an administer so he able to focus on preaching the God’s word.
Lastly, Jesus ministry lasted only three years, and covered sixty miles, and he covered only Galilee and Judaea. His focus was on redeeming the world of the curse called sin. He trained and delegate His follower were to go into all the world, and preached the gospel, and make disciples.
After Holy Spirit descends on 120 within 300 hundred the gospel rapidly spread through out Europe and Asia, In short simply trust and follow Jesus.

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