Part Seven Running The Christian Race And Its Heart Ache The War Hero Of the Faith


Sgt. Alvin Cullum York was born on December 13, 1887, Pall Mall, Tennessee. He was the third of the oldest son of 11 children. He was a able marksman, and had deadly accurate shot , however, he was known for drinking, gambling, rising hell by getting into fist fights in the local bars. He was considered all around bad guy according to locals He would never amount to anything in life. According to Sgt York he describe his life, ” I got into bad company and I broke off from my mother’s and father’s advice and pursued the drinking and gambling and playing up right smart…I used to drink a lot of Moonshine. I used to gamble my wages away week after week. I used to stay out late at nights. I had a powerful lot of fistfights.”
His best friend Everett Delk was killed in a local bar likely frighten him. he went to a revival. His best friend senseless death convinced York that he needed to change his ways or suffer the same fate similar to his best friend, which prompted him to attend the prayer meeting. He immediately sets out to seek the forgiveness of those he had wronged. He believed his sins had been pardoned by Jesus Christ citing the passage in John 1;12 ; But as many as received Him [Jesus], to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name.”
He began to a live a faith base life, making a complete break with his past. He begins to study the Bible and ask questions concerning the bible. He is even taught Bible classes. He attended Church of Christian Union, He stop drinking, gambling, and fighting, and lived a moral life.
While he was a pacifist, he joined the army through a friend he saw Germany an enemy and a threat to the world. On the morning of October 8, [1918] Corporal York was one of a body of sixteen men in the battle of the Argonn. York and his comrades were forced to climb a hill, exposed part of the time to enemy fire from.
During the course of the fight, six German soldiers emerged from their trenches and charged at York with bayonets. Running low on rifle ammunition, he drew his pistol and dropped all six before they reached him. Switching back to his rifle, he returned to sniping at the German machine guns. Believing he had killed around 20 Germans, and not wishing to kill more than necessary, he began calling for them to them to surrender. The German solider surprisedly surrendered and laid down their arms on the ground in front of Alvin. He brought back 132 German prisoners, a remarkable feat. He was promptly promoted to Sergeant. He known as Sgt York.
After the War, Sgt. York returned to his Tennessee mountains and married his beloved Gracie. They were on married on June 7, 1919, Alvin and Gracie had and raised 7 children. For 35 years, he hunted, he farmed, he did some blacksmithing, and preached.

His heroic deed went unnoticed, until April 26,1919 a reporter named George Patullo, who was employed by the Saturday Evening Post wrote an article about his heroic deeds, and his faith in God. Describing his feating and the horrible battles in front lines of in France using such passages as, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. “Joshua 1:9 8, yet another passage “But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.” Ezekiel 33:6, and yet another passage,”And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.”Revelations 12:11.
He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross. His decoration was upgraded to the Medal of Honor which he received on April 18, 1919. Sgt. York also recognizes his five fallen comrades who were the true heroes and giving them credit for being courageous in the heated of the battle. Along with Sergeant Early and Corporal Cutting. Eventually they awarded the Distinguished Service Cross in 1927.
Even though did not agree with World War II until Pearl Harbor was attacked on December 7, 1941,2,403 killed and 1,178 wounded. Were he served asTennessee State Guard in 1941, serving as colonel of the 7th Regiment. In the beginning of the war, he attempted to re-enlist but was turned away due to his age and weight. Unable to serve in combat, he instead played a role in war bond and inspection tours.
Even thou he was offered up to 500,000 and he turn it down, however, he did accept an offer from the Nashville’s Rotary Club and the city newspaper: a 400-acre farm in Fentress County.

While his political views were Democrat, he often would say, “
I’m a Democrat first, and last, He believed God chose him to be hero to aid his people who lived in mountains, and condition were horrendous. Were they were in need of roads; schools; and libraries, modern homes, and up-to-date farming methods. Yet he was still able contribute to his people despite the squabbling among the local politician. In the latter part of his life he had financial problems. His generosity toward education and religion was partly responsible problems. He owed Internal Revenue Service $25,000 in back taxes. The local people assist him in meeting his obligation, and started a”Help Sergeant York Committee” was established to collect donations. Money poured in from all over the U. S. In a six-week period, 10,000 contributions were received, many from schoolchildren. Ultimately, the amount sent in was over $50,000, more than enough to satisfy the I. R. S. The extra was placed in a trust fund to help with the York family living expenses.
In 1954 he suffered from a stroke that would leave him bedridden for the remainder of his life. He died on September 2, 1964 and was buried with full military honors in the Pall Mall cemetery.


Started Alvin C. York Foundation with the mission of increasing education opportunities for those in his region.
Alvin C. York Agricultural Institute was created.
York also began work to open an interdenominational Bible school, but the onset of the Great Depression would inhibit this mission.
The Depression also endangered the Institute that York had started in December 1929.
In 1942 a movie played by Gary Copper and directed by Howard Hawks in which nominated 9 Academy Awards, and won two oscars Best actors and Best Film Editing

Quote From Sgt York

“There can be no doubt in the world of the fact of the divine power being in that. No other power under heaven could bring a man out of a place like that. Men were killed on both sides of me; and I was the biggest and the most exposed of all. Over thirty machine guns were maintaining rapid fire at me, point-blank from a range of about twenty-five yards. When you have God behind you, you can come out on top every time.”

“ To trust God to carry him through his doubts about a Christian serving in the military. God gives each of us a distinct talent to fulfill our role in furthering His kingdom.”

“This uniform ain’t for sale.”York, on demands for his endorsement.

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