The Cross

Jesus Was Declared Innocent Before Pilate And King Herod

After the Pharisees and Chief Priests declare Jesus guilty of blasphemy because He said He was Son of God. Than the high priest tore his clothes and said, “He has spoken blasphemy! He is worthy of death,” they answered, however, they could not put him to death. The Jewish method executing the party guilty party is stoning. Only the Romans had authority to execute criminals; however, they could not use blasphemy. The Roman method execution is crucifixion. So the chief priests and the Pharisees brought Jesus to Pilate who was the Government of Judah then. Pilate said, “What charges are you bringing against this man?” They responded, “If he were not a criminal, we would not have handed him over to you.” So Pilate told them, “Take Him yourselves and judge Him according to your law.”“ But, we have no right to execute anyone,” they objected. This took place to fulfill what Jesus predicted what kind of death he would die. As “Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up.” The Pharisees later change the charge to that Jesus claims to be Messiah, a king.”, is punishment by crucifixion by Roman Law. Then Pilate asked for Jesus,“ Are you the king of the Jews?” Jesus answered, “You say that I am a king. Jesus also said, “My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jewish leaders. But, now my kingdom is from another place.” Pilate called together the chief priests, the rulers, and the people, and said to them, “You brought me this man as one who was inciting, the people to rebellion. I have examined him in your presence and have found no basis for your charges against him.

Neither has Herod, for he sent him back to us; as you can see, he has done nothing to deserve death. Therefore, I will punish him and then release him. Remember Pilate heard reports, and written report on Jesus, and saw that it was quite clear that He wasn’t leading a military revolution. There was simply no evidence support the Jewish leaders charges. The Chief Priests and Pharisees, eventually admitted the real reason why they wanted Jesus dead, “We have a law, and according to that law he must die, because he claimed to be the Son of God.” Their hatred and spiritual blindness were now exposed. As blind beggar stated in John 9; 30 – 33, “Now that is remarkable! You don’t know where he comes from, yet he opened my eyes.

Now, it was the governor’s custom at the festival to release a prisoner chosen by the crowd. At that time they had a well-known prisoner whose name was Jesus Barabbas. So when the crowd had gathered, Pilate asked for them, “Which one do you want me to release to you: Jesus Barabbas, or Jesus the Messiah?” For Pilate knew it was out of self-interest that they had handed Jesus over to him. Pilate wife warns him not have anything to do with them because he would innocent. But, the chief priests and the elders persuaded the crowd to asked to release Barabbas, and crucify Jesus. Because of the hatred to Christ and their spiritual blindness they wanted Jesus died. “Which of the two do you want me to release to you?” asked for the governor. “Barabbas,” they answered. “What shall I do, then, with Jesus who is called the Messiah?” Pilate asked. They all answered, “Crucify him!” “Why? What crime has he committed?” asked Pilate. But, they shouted all the louder, “Crucify him!” When Pilate saw that he was getting nowhere, but that instead an uproar was starting; he took water and washed his hands in front of the crowd. “I am innocent of this man’s blood,” he said. “It is your responsibility!” All the people answered, “His blood is on us and on our children! Then, he released Barabbas to them.

Note 2 Corinthians 5; 5; 21 moment Barabbas was found guilty and release Pilate found no false in Jesus and He was executed Jesus replaced the sinner. Even thou Pilate declared Jesus innocent he condemned him, and sent to His death. Then, Pilate symbolically washed his hands in front of the crowd, telling them he was innocent of Jesus’ blood. The only he found Jesus not guilty. To keep the peace with Jewish leader. Jesus Death

On The Cross Explained He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to the point of death— even to death on a cross. Between the mocking and the beating between the Temple guards and the Roman soldiers, plus wearing crowns of thorns around to head. Jesus was in no shape to carry the cross. It was method the Romans soldiers used to humiliated the condemned.

According to the gospel of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, a man from Cyrene, named Simon was compelled to carry Jesus cross. Being crucified was the cruelest form punishment and designed to put fear into the hearts the citizens who lived in the regions. The punishment of Roman crucifixion was chiefly inflicted on slaves and the worst kind of criminals.

Linda Alchin wrote a piece on Roman Crucifixion and wrote these words. “ Death by Roman crucifixion was a result of the whole body weight being supported by the stretched arms. When nailed to the cross there was a massive strain put on the wrists, arms, and shoulders often resulting in a dislocation of the shoulder and elbow joints. The rib cage was constrained in a fixed position, which made it extremely difficult to exhale, and impossible to take a full breath. The victim would continually try to draw himself up by his feet to allow for inflation of the lungs enduring terrible pain in his feet and legs. The pain in the feet and legs became unbearable, and the victim was forced to trade breathing for pain. The length of time required to die from crucifixion could range from hours to a number of days. The main cause of death by Roman crucifixion was due to asphyxiation. Asphyxiation results from lack of exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide due to respiratory failure or disturbance, resulting in insufficient brain oxygen, which leads to unconsciousness and death. The process of crucifixion the victim was either tied or nailed to the cross.

Roman nails were made of iron and are described as a square tapered nail with a large head. The nails were inserted just above the wrist, between the two bones of the forearm or driven through the wrist, in a space between four carpal bones.” Robert Gidley said three things happen: The victim’s weight is now fully supported by his feet. The nails through the feet would be likely to hit two major nerves running through the area. The result would be excruciating pain in the legs. The nails in the wrists would be likely to pierce the main nerve running through the arm. As the victim pushed up to breath, the wrists would rotate against the nail, irritating the nerves and causing intense pain in the arms. Some authorities also believe that the crucifixion position would dislocate the shoulder or elbow.

Any movement would aggravate the pain from these injuries. The wounds on the victim’s back from the scourging would push up against the rough part of the centre piece. This would tend to reopen the wounds, leading to more pain and blood loss. I witness someone who had emphysema cause by second hand smoke it not easy to watched them struggle for oxygen not pretty pictures

Between the crowds and the two thieves mocking Him. Accordingly, the gospels of Matthew in Chapter 27 verse 40 to 44 these words were written, “You who are going to destroy the temple and build it in three days, save yourself! Come down from the cross, if you are the Son of God!” In the same way the chief priests, the teachers of the law and the elders mocked him. “He saved others,” they said, “but he can’t save himself! He’s the king of Israel! Let him come down now from the cross, and we will believe in him. He trusts in God. Let God rescue him now if he wants him, for he said, ‘I am the Son of God.’” In the same way. The rebels who were crucified with him also heaped insults on him.

Despite all the abuse the worst form of agony is when His Father abandoned Him, because He bore all the sins of the world. Imagined if you would a wayward child who did not believe in Jesus Christ and continue in their rebellious ways. Imagine the agony of their parent, because the child they love is on the path of destruction the edge of evil playing with fire, and they’re not unaware of this. The parent pleading to God through interceding prayer on the child behalf to have mercy upon their child. Multiplied that number to 999 gazillion.

That was the anguish Jesus had to endure, because of mankind sins. Jesus taking mankind sins at that time taking Father wrath. When uttered these words, “ “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani? ” (Which means “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Everything fell upon Him

I can imagine going through the pain and anguish Jesus went through. For example, every time I got extremely ill I was not the most gentle person to be around with, if anything I could be ill-mannered, harsh, and unsympathetic, not the gentle spirit to all men during those times.

In the movie Patch Adam played by Robin William spoke these words on the edge of cliff when his girlfriend was murdered by a patient, “ So what now, huh? What do you want from me? So answer me please. Tell me what you’re doing. Okay, let’s look at the logic. You create man. A man suffers enormous amounts of pain. A man dies. Maybe you should have had just a few more brainstorming sessions prior to creation. You rested on the seventh day. Maybe you should’ve spent that day on compassion. Looks You know what? You’re not worth it.”

I’ld dare says most people tend to be unpleasant during the extremely difficult times. When I was in the hospital in occupational therapy recovering from an operation in which they removed my second toe due resulting from diabetes

. A patient that was next to me names George not his real name had pneumonia, asthma, and an extremely sore back. However, he was allergic to penicillin and Tylenol 3. Every time his back would seize up it would become very painful, and he would start cursing and taking the Lord’s name in vain.

When the condemned criminal was in intense pain or agony while hanging on the cross the condemned would start cursing Rome resulting from the lack of oxygen to the brain. The Roman soldiers would eventually cut the tongue to silence them.

Despite his agonizing pain. He still do not sin, nor He violates God ordinance. His last seven words were source encouragement and blessing to others. “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing” (Luke 23:34). The Pharisee, High Priest, Roman authorities, and the crowd lack the understanding of why He was hanging on the cross-resulting from mankind sins are why He was there.

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Matthew 27; 46. Jesus bore His Father wrath because of mankind sin God “turn away” from Jesus because bearing our sins. Accordingly to Charles Haddon Spurgeon, “It is the photograph of our Lord’s saddest hours, the record of his dying words.” “I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise” (Luke 23:43). Ensuring the thief would enter Heaven’s Gate as forgiven a sinner. Jesus first convert

Dear Woman, here is your son!” and “Here is your mother!” John 19, 26-27 Ensuring that His earthly mother was cared for when He departed into glory I am thirsty” (John 19:28).

Because of the dehydration in mouth, He had one task to fulfill. He also was fulfilling a Messianic prophecy in Psalm 69: 21. “It is finished!” (John 19:30) The sin debt is now paid in full. “Father, into Your hands I commit my spirit” (Luke 23:46). Jesus gave up his soul because His Father was satisfied, and accepted His sacrifice. As scriptures states, Now when the centurion saw what had happened, he began praising God, saying,

“Certainly this man was innocent or another states, “Truly this was the Son of God!” One piece evident Jesus committed no sin. Yet another passage, “All the crowds that had gathered for this spectacle, when they saw what had taken place, went home, striking their chests.

Stuart my brother told me this story about Jesus carrying his cross-prior to his execution. He kept falling down, however, He kept getting back up because He had a mission to accomplished to be obedient His Father will and this work had to be accomplished. While this narrative is not told in the Bible, yet that was his mission taking mankind sins and Father wrath to bridge the gap between mankind and His Father? The first person who came to faith, and confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savour was the thief on the cross.

Below is an example comparing Luke 23; 40 and 2 Corrinthians 5; 21. Since you are under the same sentence? We are punished justly, for we are getting what our deeds deserve. {Confession & Repentance} To be sin for us But this man has done nothing wrong.” The thief declaring Jesus not guilty God made him who had no sin to be sin for us Jesus took our sin Then he {the thief) said, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom Jesus answered him.

The thief confessing, repenting, believing “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise. {Declaring the thief righteous through Christ } so that in him we might become the righteousness of God. Wearing Christ clothes instead of his sinful clothes Bottom line the Chief Priests, the crowd, Pilate, and mankind sins sent an Innocent man to die.

We’re responsible for sentencing an innocent man to be executed. All humankind was responsible for crucifying Christ. While human eyes it seemed unfair that innocent man should die for the guilty. Because God is holy and hates sins he needed to send himself to take man place to us set free from the bondage of sin punished. Rom. 3:26, The just {The God father} and the justifier {Jesus God the Son}.” As Apostle Peter declares the first message, “

“Therefore let all Israel be assured of this: God has made this Jesuswhom you crucified, both Lord and Messiah.” All humankind nailed Jesus to the cross. A person I highly respected uttered these word. Several weeks after my mother died at a Good Friday services when the congregations were banging nails into a beam with tears in hers eyes she uttered “ I nailed him to the cross”. She had tears of joy not sorrow. Jesus simply took mankind place. As Roman 5 1; 9 For just as through the disobedience of one person the many were made sinners, so through the obedience of one the many will be made righteous. Jesus crucifixion was ordained by God. As scripture states, “ delivered up through God’s settled purpo se andforeknowledge–you by the hands of Gentiles have nailed to a cross and have put to death.

Thankfully Jay Sekulow nor Walter M. Chandler, both respected lawyer did not defend Jesus or any other capable lawyer: no unfair trial no hanging on a the cross-no savour, no hope for mankind. Since Jesus was God wearing human flesh, He was aware of his rights and was very capable defending himself. This was very purpose of his coming as scriptures states, “ Jesus came to dwell on earth for this very purpose.”

To suffer and offer his body and to shred his blood to atone mankind sins He came as suffering Messiah as predicated in Ps. 22 and Isaiah 53. Jesus was obedience to His Father wishes, and bore His Father wrath for humankind sake. The Voice penned these words, “Sin is more than just wrong choices, bad decisions, and willful acts of disobedience that violated God’s Word and are contrary to His will. It is that and much more. Paul knows sin is missing the mark or deliberately stepping over the line, but he also knows that sin is a power at work in him and every child of Adam. As strange as it may sound, sin seems to have a will of its own. Like an addiction, sin takes hold of us and causes us to act in ways we never wanted. For Paul, the cross of Jesus deals finally and definitively with the dual reality of sin. Not only are we forgiven man our sins—our willful acts of disobedience—but we are also liberated from the power of sin.”

George Macleod wrote these words, “I simply argue that the cross should be raised at the center of the marketplace as well as on the steeple of the church. I am recovering the claim that Jesus was not crucified in a cathedral between two candles, but on a cross between two thieves; on the town’s garbage heap; at a crossroad so cosmopolitan that they had to write His title in Hebrew and Latin and Greek … at the kind of place where cynics talk smut, and thieves curse, and soldiers gamble. Because that is where He died. And that is what He died for. And that is what He died about. That is where churchmen ought to be and what churchmen ought to be about.” As scripture declares,

“Therefore, since Christ suffered in His body, arm yourself with this same attitude, because He who has suffered in his body is done with sin.” O the deep, deep love of Jesus, vast, unmeasured, boundless, free! Rolling as a mighty ocean in its fullness over me! Underneath me, all around me, is the current of Thy love Leading onward, leading homeward to Thy glorious rest above! O the deep, deep love of Jesus, spread His praise from shore to shore! How He loveth, ever loveth, changeth never, nevermore! How He watches o’er His loved ones, died to call them all His own; How for them He intercedeth, watcheth o’er them from the throne! O the deep, deep love of Jesus, love of every love the best! ‘Tis an ocean vast of blessing, ’tis a haven sweet of rest! O the deep, deep love of Jesus, ’tis a heaven of heavens to me; And it lifts me up to glory, for it lifts me up to Thee!

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