Spring Cleaning And The Sin In Our Lives

If we say, “We have no sin,” we are deceiving ourselves, and the truth is not in us. 9 If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness? 10 Iwe say, “We don’t have any sin,” we make Him a liar, and His word is not in us. 1 John 1; 1; 8- 10

There is an old idiom called nip sin in the bud, to prevent it from getting any worst. For instance washing your dishes after each every meal it much easier than waiting several hours before washing them. Dealing with your sin on daily bases is a lot more effective than allowing it build up over a period of time. The inner man needs daily detoxifications from God.

You may look clean on the outside, and your friends and society may see you as a decent or a moral person. Perhaps even you may convince yourself you’re a respectable person who lives a clean moral life, but God sees your inner being or heart. The only He sees in humankind that we’re as filthy as rags. While we may fool your friends and the community that you’re descent moral person, but inside us we’re full of greed, evil, full unrighteous acts. As scripture declares, “The heart is more deceitful than anything else, and incurable–who can understand it? Yahweh, examine the mind, I test the heart to give to each according to his way, according to what his actions deserve. For example like unused cups and dishes may look clean but when you them clean ajax, soap, and water you be surprise how disgustingly filthy dishes are cover in grease.
Periodically, we should clean your mugs, glasses, china cups plates, silverware, cutlery, kitchen utensils pots and pans with ajax, soap. and water. We should have attitude of King David where he wrote,“ Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my concerns. See if there is any offensive way in me; lead me in the everlasting way.” As Jesus stated to the Apostle Peter “One you have bathed, you “don’t need to wash anything except your feet, to able to be cleanse from sins. While it wise to examine yourself on daily. However, periodically you should do more careful examination of yourself sinful pattern in our lives. Once year I clean the sheets, blankets, shirts , pants, and tee shirts, drapes, the underwear, and clean the ledges. While it may look clean at glance, nonetheless when examine closely it’s very dirty, and washing them uncovers how dirty they are, and needs cleaning. As believer in Christ we should aware our unknown sins in which it effect how we walk with the God we serve. We should have attitude of King David where he wrote,“ Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my concerns. See if there is any offensive way in me; lead me in the everlasting way.” The biblical term is called sanctification
Sanctification means to be holy or set apart; The Merriam Webster defines; the state of being sanctified: the state of growing in divine grace as a result of Christian commitment after baptism or conversion; The believer is commitment to follow Christ. The Greek is hagios, ἅγιος meaning; set apart by (or for God, holy, sacred, or likeness of nature with the Lord. The Hebrew word (qadosh;שודק) has a basic meaning of separation or holiness or purity. Romans 6; 8 -14 clearly spell that follower of Christ is free their sins through Christ, and we no longer slaves to it. We’re no longer under the law but God’s grace.
Yet, sin still clings to us but as Christian we need to continue cleaning ourselves from our sin. The true follower of Christ inwardly with struggle, and there is conflict within their lives, and they feel like the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde a mix up kids, with their walk with their savour. They hunger to be free from theirs sinful desire, yet they’re not. The late John Stott wrote these words about Christian walk, “Who am I? What is myself? The answer is that I am Jekyll and Hyde a mix up kids, having both dignity because I was created had been re-created in the image of God, and depravity because I have fallen and rebellious nature. I am both noble, ignoble beautiful, ugly good, bad, upright, and twisted image and child of God yes sometimes yielding obsequious homage to the devil from whose clutches Christ has rescue me. My true self is what I am by creation which Christ came to redeem, by calling myself what I am I am by the fall, which Christ came destroy.”
The good news you’re still are in Christ, and there is still no condemnation, because redeemed from your sins and still Christ loves {agape} you and sacrifice himself on the cross, and still took your sins and His Father wrath. The struggling Christian is still wearing Christ clothes. They’re still are set free from the bondage of sins.

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