A Tribute To Evangelical Teachers Part Tw


S. Lewis Johnson


One of my favorite radio teacher was late the Dr. S. Lewis Johnson  mother, and I would listen to him every Saturday morning at 1,030 am on WDCX 99.5.

 Dr. S.Lewis Johnson was born in Birmingham, Alabama on 1,915 date unknown and grew up in Charleston SC, went to be with Lord on January 28th 2004. He was in the Insurance business through the teaching of  Dr Grey Barnhouse  a Presbyterian minister. Where he accepted the Lord Jesus as his Lord and Savour, and left the insurance business and went back to school to study theology and enter Dallas Theological Seminary where  he received a Th. M. And a Th. D.  Where he became a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, and taught Greek, Hebrew, and systematic theology for 31 years, and retired, and was elder teacher a Believer Chapel from 1963-1993. He also taught at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School  as well as taught at Grace Theological Seminary he served as a visiting Professor of Systematic Theology at taught at Tyndale Theological Seminary in Badhoevedorp, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

 He is as known a conservative evangelical pastor, and was as Calvinist  through and through. Unapologetic he was quick to point out the flaws in the Arminian doctrines. For example, God looks down the corridor of time, and saw some would choice Him will others would reject Him; hence, the ability freely choosing God. Imagine all knowing God looking down corridor time, and gaining a knowledge.

 When a Jehovah Witnesses tried persuaded him that the Greek supported their belief systems that Jesus was an angel not God, he would pull the Greek lexicon show them the errs of their ways. 

While he blesses with dry southern sense humor which he often display from the pulpit. He also was a man of conviction, willing to step down from a noted career rather than surrender his beliefs. He also was passionate for the gospel, and his heart was always hot for Christ. Among his greatest passions was the faithful expounding of the nature of Christ’s atoning work.  He clearly cherished any and every opportunity to demonstrate from the Scriptures the success and effectiveness of Christ’s death as a substitute. At end each message , he would present the gospel and encourage people to accept Christ. One of his favorite phase was “ give them no rest nor peace until they  rest in Christ.”  

He  spoke passionately about great evangelical teachers in the past, such as one prayer he quoted these words. “We are thankful for the great number of the elect of God from the beginning of time who have by the Holy Spirit been brought to know this Savior who died for us, not only in our New Testament but also in Old Testament times. We are thankful men like Luther and Calvin, Wesley, and Whitfield, and Augustine. And most of all we are thankful for the word of God and for the revelation contained within it. May in the preaching and teaching of it, Thy truth be lifted up and Jesus Christ be exalted. We also, Lord, pray that Thou wilt meet the needs that exist in this audience. We have, Lord, referred to those who may be without Christ. Will Thou minister to them? And for those of us who know Thee who still have the ordinary problems of our daily lives as Christians and who so constantly need to lean upon Thee. Will Thou minister to us and the faith that we have exhibited, that we have by Thy grace been able to come to, in the saving work of Jesus Christ, Lord, we pray that faith may be strengthened and may grow in our Christian life so that our trust in Thee may bring peace and happiness and assurance. And we pray for many in this congregation, Lord, who we know are concerned and troubled, and distressed, and perplexed, and do face a dark future. We pray, oh God, that Thou wilt Minster to them, that Thou will give the assurance of Thy Most of all we commit to Thee today, the Lord’s Day, the preaching of the word, not only here but wherever Jesus Christ’s name is lifted up, will Thou, Lord, bring blessing and victory. Enlarge the body of Christ and edify it through Thy word. We want to express to Thee our gratitude, our love, and our devotion, because Thou art a great God, the Fatherof our Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior  through him. We pray in his name. Amen. 

In the words of one his mentor name Sam Storm wrote word these wrote about his mentor, “So I thank God for S. (which I’m proud to say stands for Samuel!) Lewis Johnson, Jr. Next to my earthly father, I owe more to him for who I am today than any other human being. That doesn’t mean he should be held accountable for whatever false beliefs or flaws in character are still present in me. It simply means that I can’t imagine where I’d be or who I’d be today if it weren’t for his incredible influence. I know I speak for countless other men who likewise were blessed, trained, and spiritually nurtured by Dr. Johnson, when I say: Thank you, Lord, for S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. Would that the church of Jesus Christ might be enriched with many more like him. But I doubt it. He was one of a kind. 


S. Lewis Johnson Quotes

 “ Now, that’s the illustration our Lord has in mind when he says, And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so, the son of man  must be lifted up that whosoever believes in him may have eternal life. So what happened in Israel was that when the people were bitten by the serpent, and they believed the message that Moses had for them from the Lord, if they looked to that serpent, they would live, they would immediately, wherever they could get a view of that serpent on the pole, and they took a good look, and they were healed.

“Now the Lord Jesus uses that as an illustration of faith, and you can see he substitutes for looking, believing. Believing is as simple as looking, so to look at the serpent on the pole – why the serpent? Because it is a picture of our Lord Jesus as the sin offering. He hath made him to be sin for us, the sin offering on the cross. Him who knew no sin that we might become the righteousness of God in him. And so, as a person looks off to our Lord Jesus as the sin offering, hanging upon the cross for sinners, and looks at him in response to the obedience of the word – translated equals believe that an atonement has been made for sinners – he shall live. So, looking. What could be simpler than to look?”

To whom does he give it? To the handsome? To the well-born? To those who are earnest in the exercise of their free will? Church  members? Those who have been baptized and sit regularly at the Lord’s table? Southerners?  Politicians? Lawyers? Even lawyers can be saved. There is one in the Epistle to Titus which proves that lawyers can be saved. Preachers? We said the other day that there’ll probably be no preacher in heaven who’s not constantly surprised that mercy has been shown to him. I really do believe that.

No, the Bible says that faith as a gift of God is given to his own people. His own people. They are the ones to whom faith is given. The Lord Jesus came to save his people. That was his name, Jesus, for he shall save his people from their sins. And a step along the way is the regeneration that issues in faith and justification. So, for by grace are you saved through the instrumentality of a God-given faith.

Isn’t it great to know that we have salvation? Isn’t it great to know that we have been given by God faith to believe in our Lord Jesus Christ? If you have come to faith in him, that is evidence that you are the objects of, not the temporary love of God, but the eternal love of God. For if he loves, he loves, what? Immutably. Immutably. His love is immutable, unchangeable. And if we stand on the basis of his love for us, we’ll always stand, because he shall always love those who he has loved. It’s great.







 My mother had  this saying “make sure that what you work for is something you can take over Jordan with you.” Dr. David Martian Lloyd-Jones, and S. Lewis Johnson certainly was men that fit this pattern. While these men are with the Lord the work they established here on earth continues to  shape laypeople, students of the words, professors, or teachers, and pastors to this day benefit from their teachings shaping saints. As scripture states, “ some as pastors, and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ   One laypeople is I to me these men are giant of the faith, and their work continues on shaping the saints.



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