Is Jesus Messiah & God

Is Jesus Messiah & God

John 4; 1- 41

This Narrative about Jesus & Samaritan woman where Jesus encounter at Jacob’s well Important the encounter lasting impacted on the women and the people dwelt in Sychar proclaim Jesus was Savour of the world   


 John; 4:17,25-26 I will show that Jesus was both God and Messiah inthe Old & New Testaments. Samaritan woman wasan immoral woman who is why she went to the well at noon because of her life style, and she didn’t want to be seen by the community because of her life style. The reason Jesus went to the well to bring hope to this immoral woman John:8; 2-11; talks about same type off. Often, these types of people are most appreciative when forgiven for their many transgressions Luke :7; 36-50,  because they sense and feel God’s grace and in their lives and they are relieved of all their many sins . Romans:5; 20-21, 


Eventually Jesus revealed to the women that He was Messiah to the Samaritan woman, and was the first recorded incident in scriptures where He revealed himself as Messiah, and it was o a sinful woman John; 4:26 “I who speak Am he.” To bring hope to woman and the Samaritan people found in  Acts 1;8 and Acts 8; 14 that they were part of the redemption plan. While Andrew stated this to his brother Peter,“ We have found the Messiah” doesn’t say where he pick up the information from. John; 1:41. 


 He also reveals his Godhead to this woman John; 4: 26 “I who speak Am he” Ex. 3; 14 Godfather said to Moses’AM WHOM I AM “ Jesus also says Rev. 1; 8” I am the Alpha and Omega”  Jesus stated it twenty-three times in Gospel of John, “I AM bread  of life”John; 6:41,48,51, “I AM the light of “the world” John; 8:12,” I AM the door of the sheep”John; 10:5,6  “I AM good shepherd”John; 11.14,“ I AM resurrection and the life,” John; 11:25, I AM the way the truth and life”John; 14:6, and” I AM the vine John; 15:1,5   making claim that he was God. {Jesus}. Because of  holiness of God the Scribes  would not  write Yahweh instead they wrote Jehovah meaning the great I Am meaning I AM BECAUSE I AM or I WILL BE THAT I WILL BE. Meaning God of the past, present and future in short eternal God has no beginning and end.

Messiah means anoint one or Coming one or Greek word Christ in short to saves sinner from a holy, righteous, and anger God and  declare us righteous before God.


There was also others anti type of Christ in the Old Testaments who were anointed.Before Eve and Adam fell into sin. The Garden of Eden was in perfect state without decay Adam, and Eve lived in perfected harmony with God and was without sin. Because of sin disharmony, decay and spiritual death set and all matter will die as God said it would be  Gen. 1:17 Eve and Adam did sinned and it came into the world. Gen. 3:6  is groaning.  Romans 8  But Christ will restore his Father creation as it was in the Garden of Eden Romans 8; 21, so proving that Adam was anti type of Christ Adam for time was without sin too shows another anti type of Christ.


 Moses was a lawmaker, Prophet intercessor and started a new covenant. Moses also agent by GOD to set Israelites free, GOD called Moses to set his people free from slavery from the Egyptian because he heard their cries and was fulfilling his convent with Abraham. Ex. 3:7-12,Gen. 13:14-17. Jesusdeath on the cross replace law with grace, and to those who acknowledge their sins before Christ. They will be set from their transgressions. 

Moses was a mediator when God spoke the on Mount Sinai and the people were frighten of him and ask Moses interceded on their behave.Ex,20:18-21;32:31-32 and he was face to face acted on their behave with God. Jesus interceded our behave when we sin 1 John;2:1, Jesus acted on our behave. 


As Jesus performed miraculous signs John;2;1-11; 11:42-44 and burial site was unknown because he rose from the dead John 20;10-19, Acts 2;31-32. Showing that Moose did similar things to Christ.                                                                                    


King David composed Psalms, king warrior and aman after God heart and Jesus is in David’s line we will show later on the important of this and similar trait as Jesus. To be a king in Israel,.  you had to meet a Biblical standard, and you had to be in the line of Judea Deu. 17:14-  20, Gen. 49:8-9  David was born in Judea ’s line 1Chro. 2:3-15 A convent by God was established in David’s line. His kingdom will last forever 2 Sam. 7:12-13, Many of the Psalms wrote about this future King. A friend of the poor, Ps. 72:2-4,12-14, Eternal convent in David line, Ps. 89:28-33, 132; 11-12, exalted by God Ps. 2; 6- 9,21;1-13, established world rule Ps.2; 8,110; 5-6 everlasting life Ps. 21; 4, 45; 6  Is the Messiah or Jesus?   

David was a warrior who fought God’s battle for him David consulted a priest and had God’s permission before he went into battle, 1Sam. 23; 1-3,30;6-7and Old Testament warriors used this similar methodJos. 6; 2-6, 8; 1


   There are many types anti Christ such as Joseph, Abraham, Melchizdek and Isaac that had similar life styles of Christ such his birth, life, miraculous signs, healing death, resurrection, accession, and coming back but it would take a whole book to write down. There while over three hundred properties surrounding event of Christ. 


Then, the woman left her water jar, went into town, and told the men, “Come, see a man who told I everything I ever did! Could this be the Messiah?” The left the town and made their way to Jesus. Now many Samaritans from that town believed in Christ because of the testimony of  the woman. And they told the woman, “We no longer believe because of what you said, for we have heard for ourselves and know that this really is the Savior of the world.”

 Jesus in the same way will change his clothes from a lamb to a warrior Rev. 16; 16, 14; 20, 19; 11-16 Old Testaments reference Jos. 5; 6-7, Ps. 2; 9, 110; 5-6.

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