In Memory Of Persecuted The Saints Part Two



The  Saints After The Apostle



Approximately for three hundred years after Christian ascend into heaven. Declaring to His apostle that would be His witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Along with they also would be persecuted for sake of the gospel. The Christian went through intense persecution. Where they were subject to stoning, crucifixion, burning at the stake, or other forms of torture and capital punishment. Yet, they continue to declare the atoning work of Christ, and the gospel rapidly spread through out the known world. They were ambassador for Christ, and they continued to be witness despite been persecuted.  The word “martyr ” comes from the Greek wordμάρτυς, mártys, which means “Òwitness.” Despite hardship, they gladly endure it for sake of the gospel.


Polycarp while being incarcerated desired an hour in prayer, which being allowed, he prayed with such fervency, that his guards repented that they had been instrumental in taking him. He was, however, carried before the proconsul, condemned, and burnt in the marketplace. Twelve other Christians who had been intimate with Polycarp, were soon after martyred. For sake of the gospel and the gospel continues to spread throughout the known world.


When the “Òthe governor of Bithynia.  Asked by what authority they took upon themselves to preach, Lucian answered,“Ò That the laws of charity and humanity obliged all men to endeavour the conversion of their neighbours, and to do every thing in their power to rescue them from the snares of the devil.”Ó Furthermore he stated, “Ò “ÒThen conversion was by the same grace which was given to St. Paul who, from a zealous persecutor of the church, became a preacher of the gospel.”Ó He was condemned to be burnt alive, which sentence was soon after executed. They received the crown of martyrdom in the flames.


 Theban Legion consisted of 6,666 men who were committed follower of Christ refused follow their commander orders to extirpation the Christians in Gaul.  Than the commanding officer order every tenth solider be executed by the sword; however, they still refused to follow his orders. When the emperor learns about he was enraged. He commanded that the whole legion to be put to death on September 22d that where cut pieces.

Even some of the executioner suddenly became a convert to christianity, and entreated permission to die for Alban, or with him. Where other executioner would execute by beheading them.


Even towns who were converted to christianity were martyred according to Fox Book of Martyrs. A city named Phrygia consists Christians, were burnt, and all the inhabitants perished in the flames. Not all believer were not martyred; however, their lives were miserable. Many of them having their ears cut off, their noses slit, their right eyes put out, their limbs rendered uselessly by dreadful dislocations, and their flesh seared in conspicuous places with red-hot irons. To those who were persecuted. The persecutor felt important to lay down their lives in martyrdom in this bloody persecution.


Our Ancestors the Friesian murdered archbishop of Mentz Boniface Even thou Friasian were savages infidel.nonetheless; Boniface and his companions preached the gospel to them. Having converted and baptized some thousands among them.     

On June 5, 755 AD in the open fields in the plains of Dockum, near the banks of the little rivulet Bordne. He pitched there a tent, and was waiting in prayer. The arrival of the new converts.  Some pagans who were his inveterate enemies, having intelligence of this, poured down upon him and the companions of his mission in the night, and killed him and fifty-two of his companions and attendants Thus fell the great father of the Germanic church, the honour of England, and the glory of the age in which he lived.

The barbarians expected to have a great booty of gold and silver in the baggage of the holy martyrs, but found nothing in their trunks but relics and books, which they scattered about the fields, or hid in ditches, and marshes. Some of these things were afterwards found, and of them three books are still preserved in the monastery of Fuld, or Fulden: namely, a book of the gospels, written in St. Boniface’s own hand; a copy of a Harmony, or canons of The New Testament; and a third book, which is stained with the martyr’s blood, and contains the letter of St. Leo to Theodorus, bishop of Frejus, and the discourse of St. Ambrose on the Holy Ghost, with his treatise, De bono Mortis—or, On the advantage of Death.  Eventually opening the door where more of the Friesian, accepted Jesus as Lord and Savour. 



 A Monument was erected in Dockum in memory of St. Boniface where my mother Martha Tigchelaar-Turkstra was born, and is committed follower of Christ who with the Lord today  along with our grandparents.  Thank you for preaching the gospel to our ancestor.

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