In Memory Of Persecuted The Saints Part Five


A Treaty Between A Protestant And The Roman Catholic 


Mr. William Lithgow,

Even thou there was a treaty sign between England and Spain, Germany, and France  that people were allowed to practice their own religion with any harm afflicted upon them. And the Romish church has so long perished, no longer the dominate force. However, they still had a foothold in Spain, Germany, and France, and still had influence on the leader of these countries, and force the people practice their false doctrine, and gave them no hope. The pope still the king and had the final say despite the treaty.

 Mr. William Lithgow, a native of Scotland a gentleman was descended from a good family. Born in1582 and died in1645. He was a traveller, writer, and alleged spy. While on one his tours where he went to France, Germany, Switzerland, and Spain. Where he love to journal his experience. He was very critical of the Roman Catholic Church and the pope who was head of the church who final say his word was without error. Where he believed Christ was the head of the church, and the scripture was final authority, and was without error. 

He arrived in Spain where he was detained and appeared before the government where he asked him why he was detained. The governor did not respond, however, gave strict orders to watch him very carefully were he proceeded to go to his devotion, and would review the matter later. 

Over time Mr. Lithgow was accused of being a spy, not a religious heretic even thou he was a follower of Christ if Mr. Lithgow admitted to his crime they would let him free; however, he would not recant stating that he was innocent. The governor left in a rage, and left order to the keeper. No person whatsoever would have access, or commune with him; The only food he allowed was three ounces of musty bread, and a pint of water every second day and no bed or pillow. 

He bought before the governor again to be reexamine, and he requested an interpreter and appealed to the Superior Court. The governor refused.  Where Mr. Lithgow uttered these words “For (said he) the profession of the faith “hold hath been ever since the first days of the apostles, and Christ had ever his own church.” In short, he would not admit that he was a spy or recants what he wrote in his books. 

The governor left in a rage and order him to be tortured. According to Fox Book Of Martyrs, he was put in irons for approximately five hours than strip of clothes.  They put on the rack, and he received above sixty different tortures most them were hellish nature.

When his irons were off he fell on his knees, where he uttered a short prayer, that God would be pleased to enable him to be steadfast, and undergo courageously the grievous trial he had to encounter. They continue to tortured him until Christmas Day. Another method of torture where they would use vermin would crawl through his beard lips and eyebrow, because were legs, and arms horridly disfigured he not defends himself. The governor ordered the vermin administer twice every eight days. 


 Several Jesuit priest asks for Mr Lithgow, “if he was a Roman Catholic, and acknowledged the pope’s supremacy?  “He answered that he neither was the one or did the other, adding, that he was surprised at being asked such questions. Since it was expressly stipulated by the articles of peace between England and Spain, that none of the English subjects should be liable to the inquisition, or any way molested by them on account of diversity in religion.  

Despite treaty the Jesuit priests condemned as a heretic and deserve to be burn him alive. Next day the inquisitor asked for the prisoner what difficulties he had “on his conscience that retarded his conversion. Mr Lithgow, “ “he had not any doubts in his mind, being confident in the promises of Christ, and his teaching, and believe in the gospel taught by the apostles. Their reply that he was no Christians but a heretic. His reply putting me on rack and torturing him will not alter his in scriptures. One the inquisitor was incensed and slap him face

Jesuit plead with Mr. Lithgow that loses his precious soul utter these words “Convert, convert, O dear brother, for our blessed lady’s sake convert!” Which he answered, “I fear neither death nor fire, being prepared for both.”  It pleased God to give him strength both of body and mind, to stand fast to the truth, and to survive the horrid punishments inflicted on him.


 Yet, he still held to the apostles, and Christ teaching and believe the present church was in total darkness. “The Jesuits, finding their arguments had not the desired effect, that torments could not shake his constancy, nor even the fear of the cruel sentence he had reason to expect would be pronounced and executed on him. Mr. Lithgow declared these words,“ it pleased God to give him strength both of body and mind, to stand fast to the truth, and to survive the horrid punishments inflicted on him.” He would’ve  suffer the same fate like previous martyr saints and willing to perish for sake gospel; however, God another plans and spare his life and released him from his capturer and re where he recovered 

According to Fox Book Martyrs a Spanish gentleman heard his story from the governor that he was accuse of being a spy, and was torture, and learn that he was innocent of the crime, and seek to release him and restore his money make atonement for injury he received. Where he contacted Mr. Wild reported that whole incident not mentions Mr. Lithgow name; however, Mr Wild concluded it was Mr Lithgow where he contacted English ambassador of Spain where ambassador requested the king of Spain to released Mr Lithgow this order was directed to the governor. Mr. Lithgow was released from his confinement on the eve of Easter Sunday

Even he fully recover from his health; however, his left arm and crushed bones was incurable even thou the experience of being tortured haunt him and remain unrepaired for the rest of his life. 

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