In Memory Of Persecuted The Saints Part Eight


 Where  Are The Persecutor Today

For All flesh is like grass, and all its glory like a flower of the grass. The grass withers, and the flower falls.

The grass withers, the flowers fade, but the word of our God remains forever.


“I am assured, that God has appointed a limit to your proceedings; and so God forgive you all.”  Princess Elizabeth 


Just before Roger Hope was executed he uttered these words before his accuser. “Even now I told you that your authority was from God, and by his sufferance: and now I tell you God hath heard the voice of his servants, which hath been poured forth with tears for his afflicted saints, whom you daily persecute, as now you do us. But this I dare be bold in God to say (by whose Spirit I am moved) that God will shorten your hand of cruelty that for a time you shall not molest his church. And this you shall in a short time well perceive, my dear brethren, to be most true. For after this day, in this place, there shall not be any by him put to the trial of fire and fagot”; and after that day there were none that suffered in Smithfield for the truth of the gospel.”

For example such as the Pharisee and Sadducees, the Roman empire, the Roman Catholic, and the Soviet Union was such powerful force against the church of Christ. And using their power to stop them. Yet they fade away, and the true church is still existing as scripture declares, the grass withers the flower fade but my words will continue to happen. Furthermore the Bible declares, “God would shorten these cruel and evil days for his elect’s sake.

For instance, The Pharisee and Sadducees had Jesus crucify and attempted eliminate the church in infancy. In 70 AD Romans solider level, the temple, and the Jews scattered through out the known world. The Pharisee and Sadducees no longer exist.    

The Roman coliseum in time of popularity would slaughter thousands follower of Christ. While crowds applaud with great pleasure lies in ruins, only view by tourist today.  

The Romans Catholic cathedral is it awesome splendid is only museum today where tourist visit them. 

The Berlin wall that Soviet Union built as means barricade people from escaping unto West are now torn down. The follower of Christ continues to expand and grow at great expense of the persecutor.   

Mr. Woodroffe sheriffalty expired a week, when he was struck with a paralytic affection, and languished a few days in the most pitiable and helpless condition, presenting a striking contrast to his former activity in the cause of blood ”Queen Bloody Mary; Mary was weak and ill from May 1558, and diedaged forty-two at St. James’s Palace during an influenza epidemic. She was in pain, possibly from ovarian cysts or uterine.  

 Dale, an indefatigable informer, was consumed by vermin and died a miserable spectacle.

Alexander, the severe keeper of Newgate, died miserably, swelling to a prodigious size, and became so inwardly putrid, that none could come near him. ”

Gardiner, upon his death bed, was reminded by a bishop of Peter denying his master. “Ah,” said Gardiner, “I have denied with Peter, but never repented with Peter. He was struck with the utmost terror of mind, said the evil “spirit could not abide that Christ should have any mercy upon him, and sunk into madness. He was remitted to Bedlam and became an awful warning that God will not always be insulted with impunity.

 Eventually thrown in the like of fire known as second death. Because they’re not found written in the book of life, and they’re without excuses. Unless they confess, repent, and believe in the atoning work of Christ.

While the follower of Christ continues to expand and grow at great expense of the persecutor. According Ttohe duke of Savoy was now tired of the war; it had cost him great fatigue and anxiety of mind, a vast number of men, and very considerable sums of money. It had been much more tedious and bloody than he expected, as well as more expensive than he could at first have imagined, for he thought the plunder would have d is charged the expenses of the expedition; but in this he was mistaken, for the pope’s nuncio, the bishops, monks, and other ecclesiastics, who attended the army and encouraged the war, sunk the greatest part of the wealth that was taken under various pretences.

The saints pity the persecutor and torturer, and desire to set them free from oppression of sin. By declaring the gospel to those who despise the gospel wanted tp eradicate it. As scriptures declares, “Therefore, since we also have such a large cloud of witnesses {the Greek word is martus}, meaning to bear witness, testify to surrounding us, let us lay aside every weight and the sin that so easily ensnares us. Let us run with endurance the race that lies before us, keeping our eyes on Jesus, the source and perfecter of our faith who for the joy that lay before Him endured a cross and despised the shame and has sat down at the right hand of God’s throne.” To encourage and confess the truth gospel before their adversaries.

Pope Pius spoke these words about John Calvin when learn about his death. “The strength of that heretic, consisted in this, that money never had the slightest charm for him. If I have had such servants my dominion would extend from sea to sea.” As scripture declares, “Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day he visits us.” Likely if the pope found him he would have had him burn at the stake. 

 It once said the more you persecuted the Christians. The more they came out the woods in droves. 

 Lucerne a papist utters these words concerning the saints who resisted fought back” “ah! I thought the wolves used to devour the heretics, but now I see the heretics eat the wolves. ”  

They continue to follow the example of Jesus by proclaiming the gospel and forgiving the persecutor “Cuthbert Samson uttered these words, “ God forgive my sins! I ask for forgiveness of all the world, and I forgive all the world, and thus I leave the world, in the hope of a joyful resurrection” 

Furthermore the saints continuing to affirmed the gospel with conviction before facing the flames. And those who lit the faggots. They continue to praise to God, despite being burnt at the stake even thou they not committed no crime. Even thou they acknowledge they are still sinner before God. 

Maybe the words of Mr. Walter Mill, “The cause why I suffer this day is not for any crime (though I acknowledge myself a miserable sinner) but only for the defence of the truth as it is in Jesus Christ; and I praise God who hath called me, by his mercy, to seal the truth with my life; which, as I received it from him, so I willingly and joyfully offer it up to his glory. Therefore, as you would escape eternal death, be no longer seduced by the lies of the seat of Antichrist: but depend solely on Jesus Christ, and his mercy, that you may be delivered from condemnation. ” Yet another saint welcomed and embraced the flames, and felt it was the sweet cross of Christ After the tormentors had ignited the fire,, they spoke these words “My soul doth magnify the Lord, and my spirit doth rejoice in God my Saviour. In short, these man and woman bore witness to the true gospel, and willing to die for sake of Christ. 

 Where the saint experience a momentary affliction they will experience an eternal affliction in the lake of fire. Perhaps the words spoken by “ Mr. Philpot, “ thou painted wall and hypocrite, in the name of the living God, whose truth I have told thee, that God shall rain fire and brimstone upon such blasphemers as thou art!” Yet, another saint utters these words when the chain enveloped him, “Fear not them that kill the body, but fear him that can kill both body and soul, and cast it into everlasting fire!” Yet, another saint uttered these words,” You have more need to weep than to laugh, and to be sorry that ever you were born, to be the chaplains of that whore of Babylon.”

 Perhaps these words spoken by Mrs. Prest a saintly woman; “I will never turn from my heavenly husband to my earthly husband; from the fellowship of angels to mortal children; and if my husband and children be faithful, then am I theirs. God is my father, God is my mother, God is my sister, my brother, my kinsman; God is my friend, most faithful.” Encourage those who going through trouble waters to remind faithful to Christ.

Paul Clement stated these words to the monks. “You may kill the body, but you cannot prejudice the soul of a true believer; but with respect to the dreadful spectacles which you have here shown me, you may rest assured, that God’s vengeance will overtake the murderers of those poor people, and punish them for the innocent blood they have spilt.” 

  After Jesus ascended into Heaven roughly70 million Christ follower were martyred for their faith in  believing in His atoning work and were committed follow Him. Even under extreme persecution they still remind faithful Christ, and hopeful leading the worst of worst to Christ.  Even present age according to Christianity Today roughly 100,000 Christian are being martyred annually world wide.   

A good Christian is bound to relinquish not only goods and children, but life itself, for the glory of his Redeemer; therefore, I am resolved to sacrifice every thing in this transitory world, for the sake of salvation in a world that will last to eternity. That they valued their soul beyond all other considerations. “The patience which they met death: they seemed all resignation and piety, fervently praying to God, and cheerfully encountering their fate. That he was happy at being thought worthy to suffer for the name of Christ. They then put him in mind of what his wife and children who depended on his labour, would suffer after his decease; which he replied, I would have my wife and children, as well as myself, to consider their souls more than their bodies, and the next world before this; and with respect to the distress I may leave them in, God is merciful, and will provide for them while they are worthy of his protection Francis Gamba utter these words. My mind is so full of the real merits and goodness of Christ, that I want not a piece of senseless stick to put me in mind of Him. 

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