Psalm 50 Part Two

Psalm 50 Part Two

Psalm 50; 7-15  Psalm50:8–13, Psalm 40:6 

  50:9–13 states I will not accept a bull from your household or male goats from your pens, for every animal of the forest is Mine,

The cattle on a thousand hills is Mine. I know every bird of the mountains, and the creatures of the field are Mine. If I were hungry, I would not tell you, for the world and everything in it is Mine. Do I eat the flesh of bulls or drink the blood of goats?

 Believer Commentary wrote;  They had been faithful in bringing their burnt offerings. But, the trouble was that they thought these rituals completely discharged their obligations to Jehovah. They were like girls who treat their mother indifferently throughout the year, then smother her with chocolates on her birthday! Or like sons who never thank their father for all he does for them, then give him a gift tie on Father’s Day!  So Jehovah protests that while they had loaded His altar with sacrificial animals, they had treated Him personally with cold neglect.  

 NKJV Study Bible wrote, The sacrifices were commanded by God in Leviticus, but the people had difficulty keeping a godly perspective on the nature of sacrifices. Every beast of the forest: The people were not doing God a favor by bringing their animals, for everything belonged to Him anyway. He knows every bird and beast.

For example in Isaiah, 1:14 it “I hate your new moon festivals and your appointed feasts, They have become a burden to Me; I am weary of bearing them. Yet, God instituted them found in   Ex. 12:16; Lev. 23; Num. 10:10; 28:11—29:40; Deut. 16:1–17).

John MacArthur wrote will not take a bull from your house. God refuses mere ritual; it is an abomination to Him. He, unlike the pagan deities, needs nothing; He created everything and owns everything.

For example, while one person would jump up and down yet another person would be on the ground laughing like  henna  making strange noises, while another is speaking in tongues. While another person is lifting their hands Yet another person is sitting like a bump on log being quite as a mouse. Who is actually honouring God? They all believe they are worshipping and pleasing Him. The better question is God pleased and is it honouring him what doing? 

The Westminster confession of faith and catechisms; Q. 1. What is the chief and highest end of man?

Man’s chief and highest end is to glorify God, and fully to enjoy him forever. Note it does not say how to glorify to God, and fully to enjoy him forever. It not the style it’s the intent behind it

 Psalm 50:14–15 states Sacrifice a thank giving offering to God, and pay your vows to the Most High.  Call on Me in a day of trouble will rescue you, and you will honor Me.”

Thanksgiving when last time you thank God for sending His one only Son to take your place instead complaining how you should worship God you should thanking Him for sending His one  only Son who purchases your sins on the cross. Believer Bible Commentary wrote No gift can ever take the place of simple gratitude.

 Vows; In Matthew 5:37 Jesus stated let yes be yes and your no be no Anything more than this is from the evil one. In James 5:12 it states do not swear, either by heaven or by earth or with any other oath. Your “yes” must be “yes,” and your “no” must be “no,” so that you won’t fall under judgment. When you agreed do something your honour that agreement if do not God will hold you accountable?

For example in 1 Samuel, 18:3 Johathan made a covenant  with David. He also swore to father Saul that he would not wipe out his name from his family.” 1 Samuel 24; 21-22 . Both Saul and Jonathan were kill in battle  1 Samuel 31:2,6 Now that Saul and Jonathan were dead, and David was king; it would have been easy for David to forget his commitment. But, David not only remembered his commitment to Saul; he went far beyond it. 

  David asked, “Is anyone left from the royal house of Saul? If there is, I want to be kind to him because of Jonathan.” 2 Samuel 9:1 Jonathan had son named Mephibosheth who was a cripple in both feet  2 Samuel 4:4 who live land of Lo debar meaning waste land or desolation or land of nothing 

Than David sent one his servant brought Mephibosheth back to king palace. Fearing for his life bow down before the king uttered these words, ” I am your servant

 Don’t be afraid!” David said. “I intend to show kindness to you because of my promise to your father, Jonathan. I will give you all the property that once belonged to your grandfather Saul, and you will eat here with me at the king’s table!”  2 Samuel 9:3-7

 Moral of the story is let your yes be yes and no be no alway honour your promises. Mephibosheth had nothing ofter the king since he was a cripple in both feet 2 Samuel 4:4

King David was Type of Christ showing kindness to Mephibosheth  as Christ shows kindness by redeeming mankind  

David servant Ziba. Is type of the Holly Spirit sending forth good news to Mephibosheth as the Holy Spirit reminds us of Jesus atoning of works

Mephibosheth was the type of sinner who is hopeless  ensnares   resulting from his physical disabilities as mankind is helpless entangled resulting from the curse of sin. We all born with a disabilities called sin. Our hearts are imperfect. Our souls and spirits are imperfect. Our minds are imperfect. Jeremiah wrote,” The heart is more deceitful than anything else, and incurable—who can understand it?

 Mephibosheth did not earn the King’s favor. David did not bless Mephibosheth because of anything he had done. These blessings were freely given to him as a gift. And they were a gift that he could never repay.

Chuck Swindoll wrote Grace is “extending special favor to someone who doesn’t deserve it who hasn’t earned it, and can never repay it…Grace is a demonstration of love that is undeserved, unearned, and unrepayable. 

Similar to person was redeemed from their sins they did not deserve it nor earns it and could not never pay it back it was a gift from God The covenant that God made with Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden Genesis 3;15,21  was fulfilled through Jesus Christ  God graciously converts the depraved woman’s affections from Satan to Himself{Jesus}.

Take My Life and Let It Be written by Frances R. Havergal,  Take my life and let it be Consecrated, Lord, to Thee. Take my moments and my days, Let them flow in endless praise. Take my hands and let them move At the impulse of Thy love. Take my feet and let them be Swift and beautiful for Thee. Take my voice and let me sing, Always, only for my King. Take my lips and let them be Filled with messages from Thee. Take my siver and my gold, Not a mite would I withhold. Take my intellect and use Every pow’r as Thou shalt choose. Take my will and make it Thine, It shall be no longer mine. Take my heart, it is Thine own, It shall be Thy royal throne. Take my love, my Lord, I pour At Thy feet its treasure store. Take myself and I will be Ever, only, all for Thee.


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