Reflection On Where Ever Go

On page 44, these were great days on the home front and the church. Our concern was Uncle Jack, Uncle Wilfred and Uncle Harold, who enlisted in the army and the navy. Uncle Wilfred serves in the Canadian Army forces in Northern Europe, where he eventuality up in Holland.

Many prayers were offered up to God to protect the man and women who were willing to go in harm’s way to liberated the European from Nazi oppression.

On page 44, Uncle Wilfred was serving in Holland when Germany withdrew from Holland. Many Canadian were buried trying free liberate the people who live in Holland during the Nazi occupation

Uncle Wilfred went to debt off so Opa so their family could immigrate into Canada. Heiser told him the debt is now settled because his three boys had joined in the fight to liberate them from Nazi oppression.

It reminds me of another story where a child was born in Bethlehem, whose name was Jesus, who came into the world to redeemed humanity from the curse of sin. In which I am chief of sinners.

Remember the Vets!!!!!

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