Two Symbol Of The Cross and Its Meaning

Ever notice that church and the fallen comrades or soldiers use the cross as symbol, and they use the symbol of the cross for different reasons; however, they’re are remarkably similarity. One died to set us free from the tyranny of our sin. While the other sacrifice themselves to set us free from the tyranny of the oppressor who trying to overtake the world. Both willingly went to serve, and obeyed their commanding officer. Both eventualities liberated the people from their dictators and sins Both were not responsible for the cause and effect of what happened. The first is the fallen soldiers; the second is Jesus Christ.

First, the solider or militaries who were men or women that enlisted in the army, navy, or air force, and were trained for combat. In the event of a threat these, men and women were willing go into harm way to protect the laws of land because they value their freedom.

While Canada and United States is known for the land of the free. They both have laws that give the citizens the right to express their religious beliefs, and worship we’re protect them from being persecuted. The laws that the government enacted laws are designed to protect the people not harm them. When we openly disagree with the laws, and politicians we able to voices are concerns. When justice is not melded properly, we’re able appeal the decision without being concern mistreated. Both countries can vote for the politicians in or out the office without any blood shed.

Many countries are governed by dictators, and they the law,they decide what is best for the people. Some dictators hate the American way, and want to destroy it, and level the to ground, and impose their oppressive law upon on our freedom. There’re times when wars is to a called, where you need to eradicate the evil by sending men and women into harm way like removing the tumour from society regrettably these brave men and women are casualties of war, and their blood is shed and they sacrifice themselves, and they should be honor and remembered for their bravery. Corporal Nathan Cirillo is great example honoring the fallen solider. He was shot by terrorist while on duty at a ceremonial sentry duty.

In her novelette Where ever Go Martha Tigchelaar – Turkstra wrote these words, “These were days of great anxiety on the home front, for our parents and our church. Our concern was for boys as dad and mom lovingly called them. Needless to say, many prayers went up for each one of them. On May 4th, and 5th, 1945 the Germans finally withdrew the troops. Uncle Wilfred travel throughout Holland. That was time of great rejoicing our family in Holland, to actually hear, to touch, and see a Turkstra clan in a Canadian uniform. Many Canadians have fallen in the battle to free Holland, and thousands lay buried there. This was truly amazing. Hedser Turkstra, a cousin, told Wilford that Dad’s debt to his family –incurred years earlier to make the move to Canada –was now settled because three of his sons had joined in the fight to free Holland.”

Throughout North America and Europe there’re many grave sites with crosses on them, in remembrance of the fallen soldiers who fought so bravely and were willing to sacrifice their lives for sake of our freedom! Never forget these brave men and women who fought and sacrifice themselves for our freedom!

Jesus Christ And The Cross S Symbol Of Forgiveness The God Man That Knew No Sin For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.

2 Corinthians 5; 21,

The cross to the Christian is a symbol where ours sins are, taken by Christ, when confess, repent, and believe than we’re and declared righteous before Jesus Father. And God grants and credits to us, the perfect satisfaction, righteousness, and holiness of Christ, as if I had never sinned nor were a sinner,

For Jesus, it was the ultimate sacrifice a place of extreme suffering and agony. Where every sin that man committed fell upon Him, and His beloved Father who loves him dearly forsook Him, and the wrath of God fell upon Him because of our sins.

The similarity between the fallen solider and Jesus is that they were both innocent, and dies because someone else lack of judgement. In Jesus case He committed no sin, yet he was sacrifice for our sins as Caiaphas stated, that one man should die for the people instead of the whole nation perish.” He was willing die to take our place, He obeyed His Father, and went to the cross, to suffered a shameful death. He went to the cross to shed His blood for our sins. He went to the cross to set us free from our sins.

In both cases, the cross symbolizes the sacrifice they willing to make for mankind sake.

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